Friday, June 16, 2017

Amazon Buys Whole Foods

Amazon bought Whole Foods Market on Friday for $13.7 billion.  I want to digest this news over the weekend and think through the implications of what is being presented to us so I'm going to change my posting schedule a bit for next week.  I'll be back either Tuesday or Wednesday with something more expansive on this.  Here's my early read.

This is a game changer pure and simple in how customers react with retail.

This is as much about technology as it is about retail.

If you work for any retailer today you should be afraid for your job.  Many of you in that area of the economy are going to be replaced.  If you want to stay in retail then you need to get into the parts of it that will still need people.

Anyway back Tuesday or Wednesday next week with some more thoughts on this.

*Amazon and Whole Foods are components of various ETFs we own in client and personal accounts.