Friday, May 26, 2017

Chart Talk {05.26.17}

I think it's useful to compare how this bull market measures compared to previous rallies.  Fortunately the folks over at chart of the day do a pretty good job of doing this for us.  Here's their take on it.

"With the S&P 500 trading near record high territory, today's chart provides some perspective on the current rally by plotting all major S&P 500 rallies of the last 86 years. With the S&P 500 up 118% since its October 2011 lows (the 2011 correction resulted in a significant 19.4% decline), the current rally is above average in magnitude and the second longest rally since the Great Depression."
- A major stock market rally has been defined as a S&P 500 gain of 30% or more (following a correction of at least 15%).
- The S&P 500 was not adjusted for inflation or dividends.
- Selected rallies were labeled with the year in which they began.
- There are 252 trading days in a year (100 trading days equal about 4.8 calendar months).