Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Paying Off Debt Or Trying To Figure Out How To Save A Few Dollars? Here Are Some Examples.

We recently ran an article on "Strategies to Pay Back Your Student Loans".  From time to time Business runs article on debt repayment.  Here are some real world examples of people who have figured out some ways to find extra money in order to get out of debt and also to save.  Take a read for some inspiration or ideas.

"How 6 real people paid off thousands in debt — without windfalls or 6-figure jobs"

"A 20-something who's banked $170,000 shares the simple strategy that helps him save 65% of his income"

"How one 26-year-old banked nearly $150,000 in savings as part of a plan to retire by age 37"

"We're paying off $124,000 in student loans using this handy spreadsheet"

Finally here's one easy way to save some cash.  Make your own coffee.  I have owned for about 15 years a very simple expresso machine.  It bit the dust last week.  Here it is in the recycling bin.  

Rip Coffee Machine!

I drink a couple of cups of coffee every day.  Most days it's been made right out of the machine pictured above now headed for the recycling yard.  I figure my cost per cup all in at between 10-15 cents a cup.  At two cups a day that's a significant savings over your generic latte at the local coffee emporium.  I figure I've saved myself about $5,000 dollars by using that little machine.  A pretty good return on investment on what was then about an $80 machine.  

Back Friday.