Thursday, November 03, 2016

Cubs Win! Cubs Win! Cubs Win!

From something I wrote last year....

"....Baseball is a game that starts with the promise of spring and ends for one team with an autumn crown.  Every April hope arises in all fans of the sport, but perhaps no more so than those that call the corner of Clark & Addison home turf.  Most years for Cubs fans those hopes are dashed usually before the kids go back to school.  But sometimes something like this happens and you just have to sit back and savor the experience.  

So here we go tonight.  All in, one game for the chance to march down the road to Chicago sports immortality.  Here's to the Consigliere and the Patrician and all the Cubs fans who've lived full lives, never having seen a World Series crowning here on the Northside.  May this be our year!  As Harry would say, {because I'm sure he, Ron and Jack are up in heaven calling the game}, 'This Bud's For You'!"

There's obviously an election and all sorts of other market news we could discuss right now and we'll get back to all of that next week.  For today those around here care about only one thing...........

The Chicago Cubs are World Champions!

Fly the "W".

Back next week.