Friday, July 13, 2018

Chart Talk {Rising Interest Rates}

Interest rates are up.  Anybody who's tried to borrow money whether its for a car, business loan or mortgage is paying more to access money these days.  How dramatic that rise has been has been illustrated by Pension Partner's Charlie Bilello.  Charlie did this graph on July 10th.  Here's what he noted about the 3-month Treasury bill then by using historical comparisons.

"3-Month Treasury Bill Yield... Jul '09: 0.17% Jul '10: 0.17% Jul '11: 0.02% Jul '12: 0.10% Jul '13: 0.04% Jul '14: 0.02% Jul '15: 0.01% Jul '16: 0.28% Jul '17: 1.06% Today {July 10th}; 1.99% (10-Yr high)"

And it's likely that interest rates aren't yet done going up at least if you listen to what the Federal Reserve keeps saying.  Stay tuned...

Back Tuesday next week.  By-the-way, Mr. Bilello is doing some of the best analytical work I'm seeing these days.  You can see all his posts including the one I'm referencing above and follow him on Twitter here.